The All India Anglo-Indian Association having its head registered office in Delhi is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is the direct descendent of the Eurasian and Anglo-Indian Association founded on the 16th December 1876. The Association was formed to watch over and protect the interests and promote the welfare of Anglo Indians in India and others associated with them by community and sympathies and interests. The objects of the association are charitable, educational and cultural. It has approximately sixty odd branches across the country.

The governing body of the Association consists of :

  • The President-in-Chief who shall be elected by the members of the association at an Annual General meeting and shall hold office for three years and until his re-election or the election of a successor.
  • Not more than eight members from the national capital of Delhi including Noida and Gurgaon who shall be elected by the members of the association at the Annual general meeting.
  • The representatives of the community in Parliament and in the state legislatures, as ex-officio members, provided that they are members of the association and provided further they are approved annually by the Governing Body. Provided further that where there is no member of the Association in the State Legislature or where the member in the state legislature is not approved by the Governing body a member as appointed annually shall be an ex-officio member of the Governing Body.The Governing Body has powers to establish branches of the association as administrative units in towns with separate local administrations or in areas to be decided by the Governing Body, provided that in case of a town with more than one local administration the Governing Body is empowered to combine areas administered by two or more such administrations to form a single Branch and in case of a town with a single local administration the governing Body is empowered to separate the area administered by it into two or more Branches of the Association.
    Each branch is designated by the name of the area it serves but in case of areas or of towns having more than one Branch the Governing Body is empowered to designate the Branches.No Branch shall consist of less than 15 members provided that the Governing Body relaxes the numerical limit in exceptional cases.
    Each Branch has an office situated at such place as determined by the branch committee but such place shall be within the jurisdiction of the Branch.
    Each branch committee consists of a President, not more than three Vice Presidents and at least five but not more than ten members, who are elected by the members of the Branch at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee elects an Honorary Secretary and Treasurer.The Late Mr Frank Anthony was the founder of three Frank Anthony Public Schools established at Calcutta, Delhi and Bangalore. The Governing Body manages all these reputed institutions and are all affiliated to the Council for the Indian School certificate Examination, New Delhi.